Achieve reach + frequency with broadcast media.

Radio advertising is one of the most effective advertising vehicles available and can produce powerful results for direct response campaigns as well as brand awareness strategies. An intrusive and frequency-based medium, radio commercials leverage the power of sound to create "theatre of the mind" which helps audiences build trust in a brand. A consistent and targeted message elicits action, which translates into higher lead conversion, significant return on investment and market share growth.

For more than 40 years, Orange Label Art + Advertising has created powerful and successful radio advertising campaigns for clients in Southern California and throughout the country. With well-established relationships and long-standing rapport with media outlets in nearly every market, Orange Label leverages our superior negotiation power to secure the most competitive rates and added value opportunities. Using qualitative and quantitative data analysis, we provide strategic radio recommendations that allow you to effectively reach your target audience and produce the highest ROI. With a full service line of capabilities, we are your turn-key solution for effective radio advertising campaigns customized to your budget. Contact Orange Label today!



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