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Is Facebook Advertising Right For You?

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Is Facebook Advertising Right For You

Facebook Advertising is a hot topic and a tactic that is on the radar of many businesses, large and small. With 750 million members, and 225 million in the U.S. alone, it is undeniable that there is a large audience to reach. It may be true that there are plenty of fish in the figurative Facebook “Sea”, but the question is, are Facebook Ads right for you?

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, let us give you the lay-of-the-land. Facebook Ads appear in the middle-to-lower portion of the right-hand column of user-pages throughout Facebook’s network. Ads are eligible to appear on several types of pages including Apps, Photos, Groups, Walls, Profiles, Friends and the Homepage (News Feed). Static in nature, uniform in structure and centrally located, Facebook Ads are relatively neat and boast an organized layout. The Facebook Ad template contains up to six components, which are specified by the advertiser, including ad headline, text, image, page “likes” and destination link.

There is a high level of attraction to the Facebook Ad model, and for good reason. With its straight-forward and user-friendly set-up, a campaign could be created in seconds (make sure you have your Facebook business page established first). Besides the easy setup, the real attention-grabber is the ability to target ads by location, age, interest, etc., ensuring you are reaching your target demographic and captivating your audiences in a unique online environment. Your next question, is it expensive? Ads can either be based on a PPC (pay-per-click) model, meaning that you only pay when your ad is clicked by a user OR on a CPM (cost-per-thousand) model, meaning that you pay for per thousand impressions. Regardless, you set your budget at the onset of the campaign and you have the ability to modify or shut off the campaign whenever you’d like. Lastly, Facebook ads offer comprehensive analytics to assist in tracking and measuring the effectives of your campaign through data on the number of clicks and connections, frequency, reach, bid price and total spend.      

Common campaign objectives can include the following:

Build Brand Awareness: Reach an extensive audience and target your key demographic

Drive Sales: Offer discounts, deals or giveaways to stimulate sales activity

Expand Fan Base: Encourage users to “like” your page by offering benefits for engaging

If you are looking to increase your exposure through a targeted, measureable and cost-effective strategy, we encourage you to consider a Facebook Ad campaign for your business. From our experience, we have seen the response to be well worth the investment…

  1. With a campaign goal of increasing its Facebook fan base, Orange Label client Greenwell Farms nearly doubled their new “Likes” in the first two weeks of running their campaign with a modest daily budget.
  2. Orange Label client, Recovery Now TV had an objective of increasing their website traffic through their Facebook Ad campaign. After running a brief Facebook ad campaign, the client decided to pause the campaign and found that their normally consistent website traffic dropped off by 18%. This was largely due to the decrease in traffic from Facebook.

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