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Thriving Brand Leaders Spotlight: Saint Louise Regional Hospital

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Orange Label Art + Advertising is committed to the success of our clients. We believe that it is our purpose to empower our clients such that they lead their marketplace and experience a growing demand for their product or service. To us, this defines a THRIVING BRAND LEADER

 Orange Label client, Saint Louise Regional Hospital is dedicated to delivering quality, compassionate health care to South Santa Clara County, now and in the future. With this commitment to the local community, Saint Louise Regional Hospital truly embodies their positioning statement – Your Neighbor for Life. To communicate their mission and build brand awareness, Saint Louise recently launched an integrated advertising campaign.

 The Saint Louise “Neighbor for Life” campaign includes a media mix of radio, print and online, and focuses on 6 key service lines over an 8 month marketing calendar. Promoted over a 4 week period, each service line features a physician or staff member of the Saint Louise team, representing both the individual and high level commitment to the local community.

 “Saint Louise Regional Hospital’s ‘Neighbor for Life’ campaign furthers their commitment to growing with the community. Their dedication to advanced, quality care is combined with a passion for serving members of their community, and demonstrates their role as a THRIVING BRAND LEADER.”

- Michelle Torr,  Junior Integrated Advertising Executive

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WIIFM of the Month: 4 Reasons Why Radio Advertising Is Effective

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WIFM of the Month

When used correctly, radio can be one of the most effective advertising vehicles available. Why you ask? Sit back, relax and let us explain how radio can be used to produce powerful results for your company.




“Theater of the Mind”- One of the top attributes of radio is its ability to produce what is commonly referred to as the “Theater of the Mind.” Let us explain… One of the most interesting things about sound is just how much it can convey. Sound can evoke emotions and images in the listeners’ minds. For advertisers, this means that the listeners’ mind can take a well-produced radio commercial and create a favorable image suited to their individual taste.

Radio is Intrusive- We understand that the word “intrusive” may seem harsh, but don’t let it scare you. You want your advertising to “intrude” into peoples’ lives in order to be noticed. Due to the nature of its portability, radio is considered one of the most intrusive mediums. Radio can influence listeners while they are living their busy lives. Radio is also a form of entertainment, meaning that the majority of listeners are not only choosing to listen to radio, but are also “actively” listening and are therefore engaged.

Targeted- Radio presents the ability to target audiences based on geographic, demographic and psychographic listener characteristics. Made possible by Arbitron Inc., an international media research firm that measures the network and local market radio audiences, advertisers can obtain qualitative and quantitative information regarding listeners. This data allows advertisers to effectively reach the listeners that will benefit from their message. Oh and don’t worry, they aren’t enlisting spies, this information is freely given.

Direct Response Medium- Direct response advertising is the communication of a message that elicits action. Contrary to branding ads which serve to drive market awareness, direct response ads provide a specific call-to-action, typically in the form of either a phone number or URL.  Results of the commercial can be tracked in terms of calls, orders, customers, leads, sales, revenue and profits generated from the airing of those ads.

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