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Celebrity Spokesperson Creates Talk and Brand Awareness for Coordinated Business Systems

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Coordinated Business Systems and Twins Manager

Ron Gardenhire for Coordinated Business Systems

Incorporating a celebrity spokesperson in an advertising campaign is a powerful way to engage with your audience. When using a celebrity spokesperson it is important to position them in ways that will get attention. Coordinated Business Systems has featured Ron Gardenhire, the Minnesota Twins manager in their radio commercials going on 5 years. In 2010 and continuing in 2011 Ron and the President of Coordinated, Jim Oricchio have been highlighted in humor-oriented messages. The outcomes of have been:

1. More “talk” in the marketplace about Coordinated

2. Greater Brand Awareness for Coordinated

3. Faster recognition of the “Solutions” offered by Coordinated

Click the links below to listen to the Coordinated Business Systems Radio Commercials featuring Ron Gardenhire:

Document Management Radio Commercial

SmartPrint Radio Commercial

ProActive Managed IT Services Radio Commercial


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