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Business Events That Make a Splash!

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The kids may be starting to go back to school, but summer isn’t over quite yet!  And when thinking about summer, fun activities such as picnics, parties, beach bonfires and BBQs come to mind. Imagine if you could bring the sizzle of summer to your events, while conducting engaging and productive interactions that produce real results… Whether you are looking to host an internal meeting, presentation, conference, seminar or sales event, we have some ideas for events, big or small, that will make a splash!

 Be Creative With  a Theme

Depending on your audience and event objectives, there is an opportunity to generate excitement, while providing meaningful content, through use of a creative theme. For your next event consider a theme that will excite your guests and in turn command a positive turnout. For example, if hosting an open house event consider a “Treasure Hunt” theme and offer exciting “booty” (prizes).  

 Location, Location, Location!

 This rule doesn’t only apply to real estate. When planning an out-of-office event, be creative in choosing the location and/or venue. It doesn’t have to be too far outside the box to be unexpected. For example, instead of taking your most valuable customers to dinner, consider treating them to an “Appreciation Event” that consists of a day at the horse races, or organize a sunset harbor cruise.

 What’s In It For Me?

 When hosting an event of any kind,  it is important to consider what we call the “what’s in it for me?” factor. Most individuals will hesitate to attend or participate in an event unless they perceive that they will gain something from the interaction, whether it is tangible or intangible such as knowledge gained, skills acquired or prizes and gifts that will be offered. We recommend identifying the benefits and incentives that your event will provide and communicate this in your messaging.

  Spreading the Word

 There are several ways to promote your event and depending on the size, some are more effective than others. One traditional method of informing potential guests is through invitations and flyers, which are cost-effective and targeted. If your event is scalable and you are looking to extend a broad reach, consider a radio, print or digital campaign. Regardless of event size, social media is a way to reach those who are interested in hearing what you have to say. For large events, consider creating your own event Facebook page. For smaller events, use social media as a way to connect with those you wish to target. Remember, when promoting your next event, it is critical to be compelling and to highlight the benefits of participating.


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Mobile Gets Results for Recovery Now

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As consumers are increasingly relying on their smartphones to seek out information, having a presence on the mobile web has become an important element in a comprehensive web strategy. Orange Label client, Recovery Now TV strives to be the leader in their industry in the digital realm and as a response to this shift, recently launched an integrated mobile campaign.
To engage with a mobile audience, Orange Label launched Recovery Now TV’s  optimized mobile website this month that detects when users are visiting from any smart phone. This enhanced website includes key features such as treatment-related videos, an informational blog, links to treatment centers and contact information with a click-to-call phone number, in a streamlined design that is easy to navigate from a small screen. A cost-effective mobile PPC campaign was launched in conjunction with the site, to drive activity and generate leads.

The inclusion of a mobile campaign has already proven to be a valuable addition to Recovery Now TV’s digital strategy (created by Orange Label Art + Advertising), as the launch has already resulted in facility admissions.


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