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Five Traits for Success in the Advertising Industry

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After watching a few seasons of Mad Men on Netflix, you may have developed an interest in the advertising industry. Well, the first thing to know about advertising is that it isn’t at all like the television show. Yet don’t let this dissuade you from pursuit of an advertising career.

Challenging, ever-evolving, business-driven and highly creative, an advertising career is incredibly rewarding for those up to the task. So, is advertising a fit for you? With more than 60 years of combined experience, Orange Label agency principles, Wes Phillips, Debbie Nagel and Rochelle Reiter, share their wisdom on the characteristics that allow OLAA employees to thrive… entry level or experienced, from the account side to creative.


“The ability for a person to think outside the box with original ideas is important in all aspects of advertising. Coming up with unique solutions to marketing and advertising challenges can help one brand differentiate itself from another. An accountant’s creativity can lead to different ways of pricing to suit a client’s needs. A designer’s creativity shows up many times visually, while an account executive can approach a client with a creative or ‘new’ strategy to target a new customer. When creativity shows up in all departments of an agency, the client benefits.”

  • Rochelle Reiter



“Curiosity fosters a sense of wonderment that ultimately leads to discerning what companies and people are up to and their core motivations. Curiosity ignites passion, understanding and motivation.”

  • Wes Phillips

“It’s my experience that people who are curious ask a lot of questions and listen to the answers because they want to learn the ‘why’ of something. This quest for knowledge makes for a sharp advertising professional because in finding out the ‘why,’ a person can uncover underlying emotions that move people to action, which is at the heart of advertising.”

  • Rochelle Reiter


Business Savvy

“Understand that creativity is only one component of advertising. Why? Because advertising is a business and it is very numbers driven. Some have expectations of what they believe advertising is and learn very quickly that a lot of it is about numbers: budgets, understanding the client’s business and how they make a profit, how the agency makes money and how it all relates.”

  • Debbie Nagel



“Communication is key. We are in the business of communication, exchanging information. We provide avenues for our clients to communicate with their customers. Our account service department communicates advertising strategies to our clients. Our artists communicate with our account service team to ensure the client’s objectives are met with creative vision. Our accounting department communicates with account service to ensure that the agency and vendors are paid. Powerful  communication is the glue helps agencies run smoothly.”

  • Rochelle Reiter



“Having a personal vision is important for each OLAA team members because it allows them to see how our agency will help facilitate their success. The same is true for clients. Once they clearly articulate their vision, OLAA creates powerful messages and advertising strategies that will facilitate success.”

  • Wes Phillips

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Content Marketing – Create or Curate?

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“The ultimate goal of content marketing is to create a sense of trust and comfort…”

-          Drew McLellan, Owner at Agency Management Institute

When developing an effective content-marketing strategy, one big question to ask is: “Should we create content or curate it from other sources?”

Original, unique content requires the creation and stock of articles, white papers, case studies and consumer research. Whether produced internally or through a network of freelancers, consistent, ongoing development of quality content requires significant company resources; i.e. time and dollars. Yet, original content demonstrates expertise and contributes to organic search rankings.

Curating content requires time to identify and analyze quality sources of shareable information, and compose the firm’s point of view on the information. The costs in terms of time and money can be significantly less, yet on its own does not establish credibility or thought leadership.

So which one is better? Which pros outweigh the cons? Do you create or do you curate?


Just like most aspects of a healthy and successful lifestyle, it’s all about finding the balance. OLAA’s content marketing strategy incorporates both original content and curated articles so that we can achieve our goals with our resources available – us. We craft and post original content on a weekly basis to share our expertise and experience in the world of advertising and marketing. Through our unique writing style, this outlet also allows us to communicate our brand voice and authentic personality.

Sharing content weekly doesn’t fully achieve the goals and objectives of our social and content strategy. And, we recognize that there are other experts that have differing opinions, experiences, and areas of expertise that both we and our followers can learn from. That’s why curation is part of our approach. When we curate content, it helps us stay active in the advertising community, share our additional thoughts on marketing-related topics, and it allows us to focus on creating consistently valuable and powerful original content with our followers.

“An effective and sustainable content marketing strategy includes both original information AND the qualification and curation of thought leadership from 3rd party sources.”

-          Wes Phillips, Agency Principal at OLAA

For us, a balance between curated content and original content has been the most effective for achieving the goals of our digital strategy with our resources available. For companies to find the balance that best works for them, it is essential to first define their business objectives, key performance indicators and brand voice.

What are your thoughts on “Curate vs. Create”? What approach has worked best for you? Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts in the section below!

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Creative Corner: Wes Phillips, Agency Principal

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“Choosing to refuse to acknowledge obstacles reveals them for what they are – self-doubt. With this perspective, I have learned I can just move forward and as a result I’ve experienced amazing things.”

Creativity can occur in many ways. For Wes Phillips, Agency Principal of Orange Label, creativity translates to vision and choices that allow him and those around him to move towards a thriving quality of life. Wes’s focus is fueled by nature, which provides him with perspective that channels into every facet of his life. This outlook also drives Orange Label’s vision of Thriving Brand Leadership, and supports the success of our clients, our team and our agency. Meet Wes.

What is the history behind the message and vision of Thriving Brand Leaders?

It developed over many years through the contributions of many people. I appreciate it is because it ties in with what my personal vision is which is “Thriving Quality of Life.”

What do the words mean to you, today?

The word “thrive,” has the connotation of vibrancy, something that’s alive. Human beings feel alive when they are aware. With awareness we have the opportunity to choose. Advertising, allows people to recognize they have choices.  For our clients, we create messages that allow people to recognize not only do they have a choice, they can actually choose our client’s product or service.

What does Thriving Brand Leadership mean to you…

…for Orange Label Art + Advertising?
We work with clients and companies and people that desire to make a difference and lead in some way, shape or form.

…in your role as CEO and an owner of Orange Label?
It provides me focus every day. There are moments in time when I get enmeshed in details and when I have the presence of mind to say “am I working on the right thing?” or “am I bringing value?” I always use “Thriving Brand Leaders” as the touchstone to get grounded and to see the more important things to work on for the benefit of our clients and our team.

…as a person and for your personal brand outside of the office?
It helps me recognize that I am most alive when I’m aware of what’s going on and I’m aware of what I’m working on. Thriving brand leaders and thriving quality of life are ways to keep me grounded, focused, and at the end of the day, alive.

When you are faced with challenges, what keeps you motivated and focused to allow you to stay on the path of Thriving Brand Leadership?

The difference that leadership can make for our clients and for our team members, and fundamentally the difference that it can make in the communities that I’m a part of.

Can you give me an example of a time when you’ve been faced with a challenge and when you were able to see that opportunity and move forward?

Seven years ago, I recognized that the advertising industry was going through a transition. And, it became clear that to remain relevant and have value, that our agency needed to evolve. That’s when we rebranded the agency and started a transformation of our team.  And after seven years when I look back, and it was a moment in time when I made that choice and that’s where Thriving Brand Leaders came to life. And that’s what led to Orange Label Art and Advertising. From 2007 to 2014, during a very difficult time for almost everyone in the United States, our agency has continued to thrive.

How do you help OLAA team members achieve Thriving Brand Leadership and a Thriving Quality of Life for themselves?

My intention is to help team members recognize that they are actually up to something big in life and Orange Label can be a strategy to help them fulfill what they’re up to. And so I intend to create space for individual team members to have that conversation. Ideally, what the team members are up to and what Orange Label is up to are aligned. It’s very powerful because as our company thrives, more importantly, the individual is able to thrive in a way that’s fulfilling to them.

Being outdoors is a part of your personal brand. What is it about being in the presence of nature that contributes to your thriving quality of life?

It’s not just being around nature. Backpacking is having several days doing the fundamental things of life, which is basically getting from one morning to the next morning. Life is simplified and I actually feel alive. I become more present to my surroundings. That’s what I find interesting about being on backpacking trips. It’s just being alive, in the moment. And, on the trail, your choices are move forward or quit. At work, the choices are move forward, or quit. In relationships, the choices are move forward, or quit. I’m way more alive when I choose to go forward. So backpacking and nature are actually training for me to live and move forward in the other 99 percent of my life.

When going out into the outdoors, what are some of the challenges you face when you’ve been trying to reach your destination, your goal?

When it is raining, cold and windy, I think of  quitting. Go back. And get that condo in Hawaii. It crosses my mind every time.

What has helped motivate you to not quit?

It’s the difference between seeing what’s in front of me as an obstacle versus seeing what’s in front of me as just another thing that life has presented. I see that as similar in work, in relationships, and in the outdoors. If I view whatever is presented as an obstacle, it becomes hard mentally and physically. It becomes something that maybe I want to walk away from. If I view it as just another thing that happens in life, then what I usually realize is that, what looked like an obstacle, was really self doubt. And then when it’s viewed as just self doubt, then I am aware that I can choose and move forward. In moving forward, I have experienced some amazing things. I can also look back on times when I chose not to move forward, and those amazing things were left for somebody else to experience.

What outdoor physical challenge do you want to accomplish?

I would really like to hike the John Muir Trail; from the north to the south. All in one trip.

“What I’ve come to recognize in life is that there’s always more to be revealed. And standing in that realm, a world of abundance is a place of wonderment and possibility. And what I find is that when human beings step there, instead of holding back because of fear, amazing things happen. And I’ve been privileged to work with clients and team members that behave that way on a consistent basis.”

-          Wes Phillips

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