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CREATIVE CORNER: Michelle Regrut, Integrated Advertising Coordinator

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Michelle Regrut Personal Style


At Orange Label, we strive to cultivate a creative team comprised of individuals with multiple talents and passions, and when a single team member brings a variety of creative perspectives to the table, that creates the framework for our client’s success. This month, we are featuring OLAA Integrated Advertising Coordinator, Michelle Regrut, in the CREATIVE CORNER.


Q: What do you love about fashion?

A: I love that fashion is a way to express yourself and your personality without saying anything verbally. I also love how many layers there are to it. All the little details are my favorite, from nail color to accessories to how you style your hair; it is all part of the complete look.

Michelle Regrut Style

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: My style is really made up of several “styles”—I mix bohemian with preppy, casual with chic….I love to mix and match. I try different looks by mixing bold colors and patterns. But no matter what style or look I’m going for, you’ll always find me in a colored cardigan and I will always have on some form of jewelry. Those are my staple pieces.


Q: What inspires you about creative style?

A: I think that each country, city, community has its own flavor of style. There are different colors, patterns, materials, accessories, etc. I get inspiration from my travels, whether it’s close or far. Instead of imitating a set look, I like to mix and match pieces from all over to make the look into my own.Michelle Regrut Style


Q: Do you consider fashion/creative style to be an art form?

A: Yes, definitely. Fashion is a creative outlet. Just like a piece of art, fashion can be as glamorous or as subtle as you want, but it always translates to some feeling or emotion.


Q: How would you define style? Is it just about what you wear?

A: Style is personality and it is a form of communication. Everyone has style and I love that it is unique to each person. It’s not about the physical piece of clothing, but how one puts pieces together to communicate their individuality.

Michelle Regrut Style 3


Q: Do you believe your style savvy translates to your work at Orange Label?

A:  I think that it definitely helps at work! I think that polishing a style is very similar to polishing a campaign, a presentation, or a design. It takes thought and it takes attention to detail to get the result that you want. The smallest adjustment can make the world of difference. In the big scheme of things, your style is like your brand. There may be similarities with others, but at the end of the day, your style or your brand is unique to you and it is a form of communicating why that is to others.


Q:  If you could only choose one outfit to wear for the rest of your life…what would it be?

A:  A summer dress, bright cardigan, delicate jewelry and flip flops. That’s what I feel most comfortable in.


Q: What do you love about advertising?

A: I love that advertising is strategic creativity. It puts art and strategy together to evoke emotion and to evoke action. Advertising is an art form with purpose.


Q: What’s your favorite part of interacting with clients?Michelle Style 4

A: I love in person meetings. It’s always fun to get face time with clients because that’s when you build a partnership—on a professional and personal level.  In person meetings are also great for getting to the heart of the challenge and meat of the story to create purposeful solutions.


Q:  Favorite part of Orange Label as an agency?

A:  I love that Orange Label is made up of distinctively talented individuals that create a one-of-a-kind team. The skill set that we collectively bring to the table is incredible and stretches to a wide variety of ability.


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Company Signage: Tips For Showcasing Your Brand Standards

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Tips for Showcasing Brand Standards With Signage

“What a disappointment…  I was horrified!  Every wonderful impression I had of a particular company was instantly shot to shreds when driving by their facility for the first time.  Their sign was old, weathered and a letter was missing from their company name.  I thought to myself, if this is how they respect their brand and product, well then maybe they weren’t the company I believed them to be.”

Signage is a funny thing.   People see it in a good way, a bad way or no way at all.  But as competitive as business is today, whether you’re in retail, B2B, B2C or A to Z, your signage needs to be on point, because it can become a customer decision differentiator. In one glance, your signage speaks volumes about your company, and can be the influencer that translates to additional revenue.

This applies to all signage assets. From exterior and interior company signs, tradeshow pieces, stadium signs and vehicle wraps, you have the opportunity to impact audiences with a powerful, cohesive brand standard.  With every signage impression, your brand should be reinforced and the quality of the signage should reflect the culture of your business.

That’s why it’s important to view signage development as an investment in your brand, and ensure that the design and production process is implemented efficiently and powerfully.

Be Unified. Although your signage may differ based on purpose, materials, size and messages, maintaining synergy with your corporate brand standards communicates a unified front both externally and internally while reinforcing valued memory units. That said, this does not mean that your signage cannot be or should not be dynamic and creative in execution.  Whether your sign simply displays your logo or logo combined with text, an icon or image, you should always stay true to your brand.  In fact, most national and international companies have protocols for their signage and logos to ensure that color, fonts and weight remain consistent.

Take Precautions. Always work closely with an advertising agency or signage company with proven creative, production and installation teams that can provide ideas and recommendations as to the look and types of materials that are best suited to your signage objectives, keeping in mind limitations that are sometimes imposed by weather, property management companies or cities.

Once signage design is nearing completion, request a proof for approval of any proposed signage artwork along with the manufacturing materials specifications.  Additionally, before the actual manufacturing of your exterior signage takes place, make sure that your agency or vendor has city or county permits in order.  There’s no scorned city official like a permits official!  Finally, obtain a certificate of insurance from the company installing your signage, particularly the exterior, to cover yourself in case of injury or damage.

Be Inventive. Make sure the creative team designing your signage “gets who you are” and understands your corporate vision and existing brand.  Remember that it is OK to sometimes go big, go bold, dimensional, digital and illuminated!  Even a more subtle and refined look can be dramatic, such as brushed stainless steel for your lobby with etched silver decals on glass doors.   A good design may lend itself to a number of materials, but always consider overall weight and how materials will install.

In terms of vehicles, if you are looking to generate leads from your vehicle wrap designs, consider something unusual to get attention.  Just don’t lose “your brand” and your message in the design.  If an understated look is called for, a partial wrap or logo and website is a wise consideration.

Signage has changed in so many wonderful ways with new materials, new technology and new unique ways to implement each effectively.  And with so many options – inside, outside to entire sides of skyscrapers… little, tiny, thick and thin, a good signage designer will be able capture the brand, the vision and the objective.

One thing is for sure.  Signage is an important part of your overall brand strategy and may afford you opportunities like none other.

To learn how to take your signage to the next level, contact Orange Label today.


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Thriving Brand Leader Spotlight: OLAA’s Art Department Talks Branding

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When developing the visual elements of a distinctive brand, the initial stages of the creative process are crucial. The members of the OLAA Art Department understand this importance, and practice the skill and knowledge needed to bring a brand to life, to instill the longevity, vibrancy and presence that it needs to stand out among its competitors.  To help express that knowledge, Cade Garrett, Art Director, and Sheri Audette, Graphic Designer, demonstrate their Thriving Brand Leadership by sharing how they approach the branding process.

Be Aware. Cade believes that the most important first step is to simply take it all in. “I think it takes a lot of awareness, insight and background. Knowing what’s out there, what’s been done, what’s being done and what hasn’t been done is important to keep things fresh. To really bring something to life it can’t be sprung from a dead idea, it has to be something new.” 

Be Open.  For Sheri, the biggest ‘do’ is also the biggest ‘don’t.’ “In general, do consider everything. Don’t limit yourself.  Consider all the possibilities of what the visual elements for which your brand will be used. Consider every possibility that your name, logo mark and brand can be a part of.” 

Be Purposeful. Cade: “A brand should be strong enough to have an impact to the point that it moves the consumer. It’s not just about public awareness; it’s about creating a need or a want within a consumer.”

Be Consistent. Both Cade and Sheri believe that working from a mindset of consistency from the start is pivotal to connecting all of the visual elements.  Cade: “The most important thing is consistency. In terms of a brand, whether the brand is a good brand or not depends on whether consistency is something that looks great and has a great message.” Sheri: “Consistency builds association. It strengthens a memory and connection that creates trust in consumers.”


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Thriving Brand Leader Spotlight: Seattle Talent

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Orange Label Art + Advertising is committed to our clients’ success. We believe that it is our purpose to empower our clients such that they lead their marketplace and experience a growing demand for their product or service. This month, we recognize Orange Label client Seattle Talent as a THRIVING BRAND LEADER.

Seattle Talent is a premier management, development and placement facility committed to attracting and fostering young, inspiring talent in the acting, modeling and singing industries. By maintaining relationships with top agencies and scouts, Seattle Talent elevates their young stars to the highest level of opportunity in each talent category. Being a thriving brand leader in the fast-paced, highly competitive entertainment industry would be a challenge for any brand, but for Seattle Talent, it’s been an opportunity to be recognized as a top acting and modeling school in the Northwest.

Seattle Talent has combined the power of a brand refresh with the impact of an integrated mobile advertising campaign to achieve thriving brand leadership. By implementing a rebranding strategy that encompassed a sophisticated logo, modern color scheme and font treatments that reflect a high level of reputation, Seattle Talent has positioned themselves as a distinguished leader in their industry.

Using the momentum and excitement created around a new brand identity, Seattle Talent also launched an integrated digital advertising strategy. This includes a consumer-focused mobile site, direct response-driven landing pages and a comprehensive PPC campaign. Since the launch of their mobile site and digital campaign, Seattle Talent has experienced dual success with increased lead generation as well as the elevation of their brand to a level that matches their distinguished reputation as a thriving brand leader.

Want more? Contact Orange Label today to learn how your brand can thrive.


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WIIFM of the Month: The Benefits of Refreshing Your Brand Identity

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Benefits of a Brand Refresh


A powerful brand helps a company to distinguish themselves from the competition and when proactively managed, the brand should naturally evolve as the organization evolves. However, when faced with competitive pressures from another brand gaining more market share, if the target demographics’ perceptions have changed or when significant internal changes have occurred, it may be time to consider refreshing your brand identity.

At Orange Label, we underwent a rebranding process five years ago. Our company was founded in 1972 as Hunter Barth Advertising and after 35 successful years of service, we changed our name to Orange Label Art + Advertising. Why? To be viewed in the marketplace as a valuable and relevant resource versus just another advertising agency. We connected our forward-oriented vision of powerfully helping companies become THRIVING BRAND LEADERS with the identifying characteristics and qualities of Orange County—specifically lifestyle, vitality and innovation.

The change of our identity informed our logo, positioning and marketing materials as well as our internal operations. The make-up of our team has evolved, our services are more comprehensive and how we deliver those services is more powerful. The result is that we have expanded to a more diverse client base and profits have improved. But most importantly, our clients are more successful.


Want to learn how a refreshed brand can improve your bottom line? Contact Orange Label today.


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WIIFM of the Month

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Wrap it Up, Get Noticed on the Road


Vehicle WrapsVehicle wraps are a powerful addition to an integrated marketing strategy that allow companies to mobilize their brand identity throughout their local community.
Headquartered in Burnsville, MN, Orange Label client Coordinated Business Systems saw the value in this unique opportunity to reinforce their strategic branding efforts, and ended the year by extending their corporate “brand look” to their new Ford Focus sales and service fleet. As you can see, the vehicle wraps leverage fun, eye catching graphics that drive visual attention while continuing to reinforce Coordinated as the market place leader in office technology solutions.


Recognized for their “team” approach to technology and customer service, the NASCAR style graphic approach was a great fit for them.  The robust  100% coverage design layers in a combination of existing brand elements that also appear throughout their integrated advertising plan such as their downtown Minneapolis Skyway ads, print ads, brochures, stadium ribbons and boards, website and landing pages, as well as their radio ads.   The impact of “driving” the brand out into the community is an exciting and fun way of getting attention and creates lasting memory units.  This strong visual presence is win-win for the company, employees, community, customers and prospects.


To launch the new look, fifteen employees were presented the first of these hot, new exciting cars prior to year-end.  And to add excitement to the unveiling, the roll-out was televised by the local NBC affiliate which featured Coordinated President, Jim Oricchio, situated high above the company parking lot, mega-phone in hand, shouting; “Gentleman, start your engines.”  As the engines engaged and the race flags waived, the newly wrapped cars sped out into the community.


Want to learn how you can make a powerful impact with branded vehicle wraps? Contact Orange Label today.


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It is the mission of Orange Label to empower our clients such that they become THRIVING BRAND LEADERS. As part of this philosophy, we believe that our job is to help our clients become successful, resulting in powerful and growing demand for their product or service. One sign of a THRIVING BRAND LEADER is recognition by the outside world and we want to congratulate two of our clients that recently received recognitions of high honor in their industry.

 Orange Label client Greenwell Farms, a gourmet coffee producer located in Hawaii, was recently announGreenwell Farmsced as the first place winner for their 100% Kona Coffee in the “Kona Division” during the Hawaii Coffee Association’s 2011 cupping contest! It is clear to see that Greenwell’s commitment to “proudly offering Kona Coffee to discerning gourmet coffee drinkers around the world” is not going unnoticed! For more information about Greenwell Farm’s award winning coffee, click here. To read more about the 2011 cupping contest, click here.

Daughters of Charity Health System The second congrats goes to Orange Label client, Daughters of Charity Health System, for being recognized by U.S. News and World Report Best Hospital Rankings for two Los Angeles hospitals! This ranking recognizes the stand that the Daughters of Charity Health System has made for providing the utmost quality of compassionate health care through its people and practices. To read more about the U.S. News and World Report Hospital Rankings, click here.


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Mobile Gets Results for Recovery Now

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As consumers are increasingly relying on their smartphones to seek out information, having a presence on the mobile web has become an important element in a comprehensive web strategy. Orange Label client, Recovery Now TV strives to be the leader in their industry in the digital realm and as a response to this shift, recently launched an integrated mobile campaign.
To engage with a mobile audience, Orange Label launched Recovery Now TV’s  optimized mobile website this month that detects when users are visiting from any smart phone. This enhanced website includes key features such as treatment-related videos, an informational blog, links to treatment centers and contact information with a click-to-call phone number, in a streamlined design that is easy to navigate from a small screen. A cost-effective mobile PPC campaign was launched in conjunction with the site, to drive activity and generate leads.

The inclusion of a mobile campaign has already proven to be a valuable addition to Recovery Now TV’s digital strategy (created by Orange Label Art + Advertising), as the launch has already resulted in facility admissions.


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Celebrity Spokesperson Creates Talk and Brand Awareness for Coordinated Business Systems

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Coordinated Business Systems and Twins Manager

Ron Gardenhire for Coordinated Business Systems

Incorporating a celebrity spokesperson in an advertising campaign is a powerful way to engage with your audience. When using a celebrity spokesperson it is important to position them in ways that will get attention. Coordinated Business Systems has featured Ron Gardenhire, the Minnesota Twins manager in their radio commercials going on 5 years. In 2010 and continuing in 2011 Ron and the President of Coordinated, Jim Oricchio have been highlighted in humor-oriented messages. The outcomes of have been:

1. More “talk” in the marketplace about Coordinated

2. Greater Brand Awareness for Coordinated

3. Faster recognition of the “Solutions” offered by Coordinated

Click the links below to listen to the Coordinated Business Systems Radio Commercials featuring Ron Gardenhire:

Document Management Radio Commercial

SmartPrint Radio Commercial

ProActive Managed IT Services Radio Commercial


To learn more about Orange Label’s radio advertising services, contact us today.


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Leveraging Longevity: 75th Anniversary Sweepstakes

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We recently posted about using milestones to leverage an Integrated Advertising Campaign and featured Starbucks’ new logo in celebration of their 40th Anniversary as a prime example. As a follow up to that post, we are featuring an example of an execution strategy for the business-to-business category. 

Orange Label client, Martin Whalen Office Solutions celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2011 and they are using it as a cornerstone for their marketing activity. Using this milestone anniversary as an opportunity to leverage Martin Whalen’s longevity, and position Martin Whalen as a leader in Office Technology, Orange Label developed an Integrated Advertising Platform that includes result-driven campaigns supported by a year-long calendar of events, promotions, advertising and PR.

To kick-off the campaign, Martin Whalen recently launched its 75 Year Anniversary Office Technology Upgrade Sweepstakes. Promoted through radio advertising, customized landing pages and salesmarketing handouts, the sweepstakes features Chicago Cubs and White Sox ticket giveaways. In addition, three grand prize winners will each be presented with a $7,500 office technology upgrade for their business.

Benefits of this promotional strategy include the opportunity to:

  • Reach a focused and relevant target demographic
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Increase brand exposure
  • Support local businesses
  • Position Martin Whalen as a thriving brand leader 

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