Thriving Brand Leader Spotlight: OLAA’s Art Department Talks Branding

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When developing the visual elements of a distinctive brand, the initial stages of the creative process are crucial. The members of the OLAA Art Department understand this importance, and practice the skill and knowledge needed to bring a brand to life, to instill the longevity, vibrancy and presence that it needs to stand out among its competitors.  To help express that knowledge, Cade Garrett, Art Director, and Sheri Audette, Graphic Designer, demonstrate their Thriving Brand Leadership by sharing how they approach the branding process.

Be Aware. Cade believes that the most important first step is to simply take it all in. “I think it takes a lot of awareness, insight and background. Knowing what’s out there, what’s been done, what’s being done and what hasn’t been done is important to keep things fresh. To really bring something to life it can’t be sprung from a dead idea, it has to be something new.” 

Be Open.  For Sheri, the biggest ‘do’ is also the biggest ‘don’t.’ “In general, do consider everything. Don’t limit yourself.  Consider all the possibilities of what the visual elements for which your brand will be used. Consider every possibility that your name, logo mark and brand can be a part of.” 

Be Purposeful. Cade: “A brand should be strong enough to have an impact to the point that it moves the consumer. It’s not just about public awareness; it’s about creating a need or a want within a consumer.”

Be Consistent. Both Cade and Sheri believe that working from a mindset of consistency from the start is pivotal to connecting all of the visual elements.  Cade: “The most important thing is consistency. In terms of a brand, whether the brand is a good brand or not depends on whether consistency is something that looks great and has a great message.” Sheri: “Consistency builds association. It strengthens a memory and connection that creates trust in consumers.”

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