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Leveraging Longevity: 75th Anniversary Sweepstakes

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We recently posted about using milestones to leverage an Integrated Advertising Campaign and featured Starbucks’ new logo in celebration of their 40th Anniversary as a prime example. As a follow up to that post, we are featuring an example of an execution strategy for the business-to-business category.

Orange Label client, Martin Whalen Office Solutions celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2011 and they are using it as a cornerstone for their marketing activity. Using this milestone anniversary as an opportunity to leverage Martin Whalen’s longevity, and position Martin Whalen as a leader in Office Technology, Orange Label developed an Integrated Advertising Platform that includes result-driven campaigns supported by a year-long calendar of events, promotions, advertising and PR.

To kick-off the campaign, Martin Whalen recently launched its 75 Year Anniversary Office Technology Upgrade Sweepstakes. Promoted through radio advertising, customized landing pages and salesmarketing handouts, the sweepstakes features Chicago Cubs and White Sox ticket giveaways. In addition, three grand prize winners will each be presented with a $7,500 office technology upgrade for their business.

Benefits of this promotional strategy include the opportunity to:

  • Reach a focused and relevant target demographic
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Increase brand exposure
  • Support local businesses
  • Position Martin Whalen as a thriving brand leader

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Using Company Milestones to Launch Integrated Marketing Campaigns

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This year marked Starbuck’s 40th Anniversary, and like some companies, they’ve used the milestone as an opportunity to bring new life to their brand. This milestone marks the fourth refresh of the Starbuck’s brand in the past 40 years. One consistent element that has remained is the Siren, a mythological figure who represents the romance and creativity that inspired the founders of Starbucks 40 years ago. While the jury is still out about the new logo, one thing rings true, they’ve created a real “buzz” around their identity. To read more about the refreshed new logo and brand, visit

When the opportunity presents itself, Orange Label Art + Advertising will leverage client’s milestones to launch integrated campaigns much like Starbucks did with their refreshed logo strategy. Integrated campaigns leverage several different media vehicles to deliver the marketing message. When consumers are reached multiple ways, such as with traditional and digital forms of media, the marketing messages and brand are reinforced. Whether it’s through a refreshed logo, sweepstakes promotion, open house or media campaign theme, leveraging company milestones is a great way for a brand to stay top of mind with current customers, prospects and their community.

Starbucks New Logo

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The Power of Real Testimonials

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O’Connor Hospital’s New Advertising Campaign:  “My O’Connor Story”

It is Orange Label’s observation that, “your customers are often your best copy writers.” Authentic and candid customer comments can be one of the most relatable sources for messages you can communicate to your target market. Orange Label clients throughout the years have leveraged their own customers into powerful and integrated advertising campaigns – sharing engaging messages of success and customer benefits.

For this reason, we are excited to announce the launch of a new advertising campaign for client, O’Connor Hospital – located in San Jose, CA. The advertising campaign: “My O’Connor Story”, features real people and real stories. The campaign consists of service-line specific stories with real patient experiences. Each five week campaign will be supported by an integrated mix of local print, radio and online. In addition, O’Connor Hospital will be launching a campaign specific landing page that will show case all of the O’Connor stories. Visitors to the page will be able to browse through the featured stories and view the print ad creative for each.

“My O’Connor Story” adds a unique “realness” to O’Connor Hospital’s advertising that powerfully connects to the hospital’s positioning, It’s the Way We Care. The first story to kick-off the campaign promotes O’Connor Hospital’s Wound Care Clinic – sharing a local resident’s heart-warming story of overcoming her struggles with a diabetic wound and how the Wound Care team was able to heal her wound. With the power of the patient’s words, the story highlights the real patient benefit with O’Connor Care and tells the story of why the patient states, “I have my freedom back.”   (See link to image of “My O’Connor Wound Care Story” at the bottom of the post)

“It was so inspiring to meet the O’Connor Hospital patients and listen to their stories of how O’Connor Care made a difference in their lives. The stories that will be shared this year through the “My O’Connor Story” campaign are touching, motivating and attention-grabbing… I am excited to see how these stories will encourage others to make O’Connor Hospital part of their “story” of health and healing,” said, Integrated Advertising Supervisor.

My O’Connor Wound Care Story


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OLAA Wins SIAA Awards

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Orange Label is honored to be recognized for its advertising excellence in the service industry in the Eighth Annual Service Industry Advertising Awards (SIAA Awards).

In the recent awards, OLAA received a Silver award for the corporate brochure it developed for Calmont Wire & Cable, a Silver award for Seton Medical Center’s Physician Referral radio advertising campaign and a Merit award for O’Connor Hospital’s newspaper advertising series.

We are honored to be recognized for our marketing expertise in the service industry and to be acknowledged for strategies we have implemented for our clients!

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Orange Label Adds Full Mobile Video Compatibility to

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Orange Label has launched a mobile website for Recovery Now TV that supports full mobile video compatibility. With this technology enhancement, Recovery Now TV users can share stories concerning drug and alcohol recovery from not only any location, but also any mobile device that supports video!

HTML5 is the newest and most up-to-date version of HTML, which is the language behind every webpage. The integration of HTML5 code marks a significant development in standardizing video playback amongst different platforms.

The Recovery Now TV television show called “RECOVERY NOW” can be accessed directly by visiting Those seeking to watch Recovery Now TV’s powerful and inspirational programming can now do so either from a computer or on any mobile device that supports video.

Do you know if your site is mobile ready?

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OLAA’s Inspiration

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orange crate labelAs a follow up to our trivia question earlier this week, we wanted to share this L.A. Times article about the historical events which inspired our identification with the marketing heritage of Orange County, Calif., in which citrus growers utilized crate labels as artistic marketing tools and as promotion of area-specific advertising messages.

Click here to learn more about Orange County’s advertising history.

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